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Since August 15, I've learned that communication isn't just the general exchange of information or news connecting two people, but can be between different mediums such as newspapers, television, internet, advertisements, or social media. Also, I learned about the nonverbal codes including kinesics, oculesics, proxemics, haptics, paralinguistics/vocalics, objectics, chronemics, and semantics

Critical Problem Solving: We know what we know by common sense and accepting the first explanation we come across. However, sometimes we rely too heavily on our own experiences, we engage in wishful thinking, and we think simplistically. We reduce uncertainty by information seeking or finding out indirectly/through observation.

Collaboration: On November 5, Maddie Short told us about relationship building and that we should find a mentor for each stage of life and keep them forever, we should find allies that are smarter and wiser than us, and identify a positive behavior model. I worked with classmates Randy Blake and Jared Harendt in the field project II, and they pushed me to produce a quality investigation about how XXXtentacion communicates with his listeners through his song "SAD!". 

Culture: Above the water in the communication iceberg is what you see (people, symbols, and media), whereas below the water shows meaning, learning, negotiation, and culture. At Texas A&M, I've experienced the school's culture from going to events such as the football games, midnight yells, and silver taps. 

Competencies: Abilities I've gained since being at Texas A&M include improving my social skills and being more comfortable with meeting new people and introducing myself to strangers. Communication wise, I understand social media, scholarly research, networking, and interpreting data.

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